Deliveroo in Ostend

From Wednesday 1 July, we will be launching meal deliveries in Ostend, the 13th Belgian city available on Deliveroo!

We are happy that you have chosen to ride with Deliveroo and this will allow you to earn money in a fun, flexible way and at your own pace!

Before you start riding, here are some tips and practical information from our team:

– We expect most orders between 18h00 and 21h00, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can potentially earn more if you log in at these times.

– You can go online on your Rider app and ride whenever you want from Monday to Sunday, with no time limit!

– If you have any questions during your deliveries, please contact Live Support directly via your Rider app. If you have a question not related to current orders (status, remuneration, equipment, etc.), please contact Rider Support via this link. Never mark an order as ‘delivered’ without actually having handed the order to the client.

– In these difficult times, characterized by COVID-19, the safety of our partner restaurants, customers and your safety is our priority. It is therefore everyone’s responsibility. Before you start riding, please read carefully the COVID-19 safety guide from Deliveroo.

– We inform you that during the COVID-19 outbreak, picking up orders in restaurants and contactless delivery are mandatory to maintain everyone’s good health. Read this article carefully about the rules you have to follow before riding.

– Join the riders community on the Facebook group, the Facebook page and on Instagram to stay informed and communicate with the other riders.