The best ways to optimize your earnings with Deliveroo

Riding with Deliveroo gives you the freedom and flexibility to work around your life . However you choose to ride, there are loads of ways to help maximise your earnings.

Here are some tips on making the most out of your time on the road:

Ride during busy times: 

Maximize your earnings when riding during lunch time – from 11h00 – 14h00 – and dinner time (18h00 – 21h00).
During the weekend, we see even more orders. Especially on Friday night, when it’s the busiest day of the week as you can see:

Use your Rider app to check demand with free login (for Brussels and Antwerp)

Sometimes it can happen that there are too many riders in one zone and not enough riders in another zone. The planner in the Rider app show you where there’s high demand – Not busy → Very busy. You can easily switch between zones where demand is highest!


Bank holidays, Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Day are great times to get out on the road as people celebrate with friends and family by ordering delicious food from their favourite restaurants. On big holidays we often see more orders than normal, so it’s an opportunity to earn great fees – and we’ll usually remind you when they’re coming up so you can plan ahead.

Rainy days? More orders!

Our customers indulge themselves more on rainy days because they want their favorite food without having to grab it. Take your Deliveroo jacket and feel free to accept a rain of orders!

Seek out for fee boosts (for self-employed riders only)

As self-employed rider, you can benefit from fee boosts to help you make more money on the road. You will be informed by Deliveroo when these bonuses are available for you! Just go to the planner section in the app to check if there’s a fee boost.