Important update about the P2P status

On Thursday, April 23rd the Belgian Constitutional Court annulled the law on tax-exempt supplementary income, this is the law that created the P2P status under which you ride and which we know you value.

This decision will only be effective in 2021

No need to panic! There will be no changes for the year 2020. You can continue to drive under P2P status until December 31, 2020. You can therefore continue to earn up to €6340 without being taxed on your earnings (as long as you respect the maximum amounts). If you work with other delivery platforms, it is important to ask for clarity to those platforms, because up to date, Deliveroo is the only platform that has made changes required by the authorities so you can have certainty when riding with Deliveroo.

Deliveroo’s position

In Belgium the majority of riders who register want to benefit from this P2P status, because the riders like it. It offers flexible working and allows you to keep more of your earnings. The law has been attacked by associations and trade unions, including the so-called Rider Collectif, who claim to represent riders. We want to question this. We believe that asking for the annulment of the law that riders appreciate is not a way of supporting the will of the riders, who tell us that they want to benefit from this P2P regime.

Deliveroo will work to find solutions

However, we will fight your corner. Politicians have said that despite this ruling, from January 1 2021 you will still be able to ride with Deliveroo on an occasional basis under an attractive status. We will argue strongly that there should be a form of work that offers flexible work and which allows you to keep more of your earnings. We will update you when we know more. Unlike associations and trade unions who want to call an end to the benefits of the collaborative economy status, Deliveroo will work hard to ensure that as from 2021 you can continue to ride with us while benefiting from a status that meets your expectations.

Every month, more than 1000 riders, like you, contact us to become Deliveroo riders and benefit from the P2P status. This status seduces an important number of Belgians, who are looking to increase their income when they want to.

Don’t worry: we are here to support you!