App update: New statistic for self employed riders

Update in the app

At Deliveroo we work to provide the best experience possible for self-employed riders. Since we began offering self-employed work to riders in Belgium, there have been lots of improvements to how you ride and earn with Deliveroo. We started by making your fees reflective of the distance you travel for each order. We also improved the in-app mapping system, to factor elements such as the difficulty of a route and traffic into your fees too.

These improvements to our technology have helped to increase earnings for  self employed riders by 25% on average.


New statistic for self employed riders 

As a self employed rider, we know it’s important that you can choose to work when you want to. So, from today (8/1) all self employed riders will benefit from a new priority booking statistic in SSB. This new ‘self employed’ stat will increase your chances of accessing earlier booking slots, in addition to maintaining great attendance, late cancellation and super-peak hours stats.



No, self employed riders will still need to maintain great attendance, cancellation, and super-peak hours stats to maximise their chance of accessing the earlier booking slots. 


Access to booking slots are determined by your stats, and are relative to the stats of other riders. 

Being self employed will give you a 10% statistical advantage starting January 8th.

In addition to benefiting from this new statistic, self employed riders can view a customer’s address before choosing whether to accept an order, and can manage their administrative tasks, including taxes, through our partner, Accountable. 


Next to that, riders who choose to work as a self employed will still have access to extra bonuses, shown in the Rider app.


Any riders who choose to become self employed will also receive €150 bonus when they switch.

On this page on the Roocommunity you can find all the information on how to ride as a self employed with Deliveroo