The rider with the most orders in 2019

With 7137 orders in 2019, it’s no wonder that Joël is our rider of the year. That’s an average of 20 orders per day. Joël loves Deliveroo, the contact with customers and the freedom that riding gives him. 


Our super rider is 45 years old and is incredibly optimistic. For the past 3 years at Deliveroo, nothing satisfied him more than pleasing the customer. His optimism is perhaps a gift of life… Or does it come from his common sense? His advice to other riders is to “stay positive and friendly when you go to the customer. This is the most important factor which make the customer decide to order again with Deliveroo, and therefore give you new orders. »


As Joël likes very much to break records, he is little surprised to be the Deliveroo rider of the year.

Before being a courier, Joel was a salesman for 17 years in a large telephone company. There too, his skills enable him to win the best salesman award and he won a two-week trip to the Canary Islands! Joel doesn’t stop there. He has also set up a phone-calling company in Madagascar which is reputed to be the most reliable of the country.  


His leitmotiv? That the customer feels as if he is eating his order as if he were in a restaurant. The points of attention are therefore punctuality and the state of the order, without forgetting the smile on delivery. 


As a good resolution for 2020, Joel would like to do deliver even more orders than in 2019. Is that even possible? In any case, the challenge is on!