Deliveroo is authorised to offer P2P work to riders

Deliveroo is the only food delivery platform in Belgium that has adapted to ensure riders who choose to work under the P2P status do so compliantly. 

For those who choose to work as P2P, this enables you to work flexibly and earn up to €6340 tax free. 

When you work with Deliveroo under the P2P status, you can be guaranteed that all of your earnings will be compliant with this tax status. 

Warning: If you do choose to work with Deliveroo under the P2P status, it is extremely important to ensure that any other collaborative economy platforms that you are working with are also P2P compliant. 

If you ride with another company that does not comply with P2P requirements, you may be impacted in the following ways: 

  • Your earnings from that platform will not be covered under the P2P regime and you will be deemed to be operating under some other status – for example, as self employed.  In this case, as a professional, all of your earnings (across all platforms, including Deliveroo) would be taxable as a professional activity – the €6340 tax free threshold would no longer apply.
  • You would be unable to work again as P2P, with any platform, until the end of the next tax year.

How do you know if a platform is operating within P2P? 

First, you should call them and ask if they can give you this confirmation. Only Deliveroo is giving this confirmation to riders that work on our platform is authorised as P2P and that our practices comply with the status.

Here’s how to spot if a food delivery platform is complying with P2P: 

  • Before a customer pays for their order, they see exactly the delivery fee that will be paid directly to you as the rider. If this is not the case, the platform is not complying with the Tax Authorities recent requirements for P2P, and your earnings are under threat as a result.

And here are ways to spot if a food delivery platform is not complying with P2P: 

  • They offer ‘fee boosts’, ‘fee surges’ or any top-up to your rider fee beyond what the customer pays in their delivery fee. 

If you ride with another food delivery platform that is not Deliveroo, then make sure you check their status to ensure there is no risk to your earnings or ability to continue to operate under this status. 

We want you to be able to work flexibly and earn well, free from risk.