Deliveroo invests even more in earnings for self-employed riders

You have decided to ride with us being registered as self-employed and we know the importance you attach to a well-paid and flexible work. This is why we have listened to you and decided to invest even more in earnings for self-employed riders. This is good news for riders, who will get paid more for the vast majority of orders, which are medium and longer distance deliveries. With this update, rider fees will more accurately reflect the time it will take for riders to complete individual deliveries. 


More than 90% of the orders that will be delivered by self-employed riders will be offered for a higher fee from Tuesday, October 8. 


More than 90% of the orders you currently deliver are delivered within 10 to 30 minutes. Less than 10% of them are delivered in less than 10 minutes and in more than 30 minutes.

These 10% of orders are not paid in proportion to the effort they require. As a result, the majority of riders reject these orders until they find one that offers an attractive price/distance ratio. This wastes a lot of time, which you could spend delivering orders and earn more money. In addition, it can lead to longer delivery times, making customers less likely to reorder from Deliveroo.


We want to save you time in choosing your orders and allow you to earn more by reducing the minimum amount per order and significantly increasing income based on distance.  


Added to this good news, we will now offer you exceptional bonus conditions


A new bonus will be introduced for self-employed riders from Tuesday October 8th:

  • When you deliver 3 orders in a row, you receive a bonus of 2€
  • When you deliver 5 orders in a row, you receive a bonus of 4€
  • When you deliver 10 consecutive orders in a row, you receive a bonus of 10€


In order for your to get this bonus you need to accept the orders in a row without rejecting one order.

You can get this bonus per payment period (2 weeks). So, if you deliver 8 orders in a row and log out, you can still get your 10 order bonus after accepting 2 orders in a single session during the same payment period (two weeks).
There is no limit to the number of times you can get this bonus. Accept 20 orders in a row and you will receive the bonus of 10 orders twice in a row.
These bonuses will not appear in the Rider application but will appear on your invoice after each payment period. This means that you can’t ask for them because of the possibility of paying yourself whenever you want.

Street routing


We’re also investing in our mapping system. Mapping has been redesigned, moving away from ‘as the crow flies’ distance estimates to an intelligent street routing system that recognises the street flow, traffic disruption and diversions. This new system will now inform every delivery fee, using street-level data to calculate the best fee for each individual delivery.


No change in your app


Your app will remain the same: you will always be able to see the entire journey from order acceptance to the arrival at the customer and you will always have the possibility to accept or reject orders.

Deliveroo invests more in the earnings of riders for intermediate and long distance races, i.e. over 10 minutes. As a result, the costs for some shorter orders may be lower. This allows us to make each amount per order more representative of the distance. As a consequence, the remuneration for a long order will be more advantageous than before. 

To ensure that P2P riders benefit from the collaborative economy law, the customer must know all the delivery costs that the rider will receive as revenue. The customer must know this amount before placing the order. We have therefore introduced fixed delivery charges for P2P riders.

For riders under the self-employed status, there is no change. Self-employed riders will therefore always be paid a variable amount depending on time and distance. An order that has to be delivered further away will therefore always be better remunerated than a shorter distance order.