Why do we need to adapt our P2P model?

Since January 2018, you have the choice of registering as a Deliveroo rider as a self-employed or riding under P2P status. 

Following discussions with the tax authorities, we will update our system to allow you to continue to have the opportunity to work under this status which is so popular and appreciated by our riders. This is the perfect opportunity to explain a little more precisely what this status implies for you, but also for Deliveroo. 


As far as you are concerned, as a rider, the law of the collaborative economy gives you the opportunity to legally round off your ends of the month up to a total of €6340 in 2020 (€6250 in 2019, €6130 in 2018). Below this amount, your income is not taxed, but it must also be generated via a collaborative economy platform that has been approved by the authority, as Deliveroo has received.


What does “P2P” mean?

P2P means “peer to peer”. This means that an individual (a rider) offers a service (a meal delivery) to another individual (a customer) through an approved online platform (Deliveroo). 

For the service to be considered as a P2P service, the platform must meet 3 conditions: 


  • The individual requesting the service (customer) must know in advance exactly how much he will pay to the individual service provider (rider). 
  • The individual requesting the service (customer) must pay the individual service provider (rider) directly.
  • The individual service provider (rider) can only be remunerated by the individual service requester (customer). The approved platform (Deliveroo), which is an intermediary, cannot intervene in the remuneration of the service provider.


New compensation model 

To continue to give you the choice of the status under which you drive with Deliveroo (P2P or independent), we have adapted our compensation model. Indeed, we can no longer work under the dynamic income model.

For this reason, we have defined a fixed income per order for riders who ride under P2P status. Thanks to this fixed remuneration system, the customer will be able to see in advance the amount he pays you to deliver his order. 

In order to allow you to continue to enjoy P2P status if you wish, we will no longer be able to add bonuses for P2P riders (bonuses still apply for independent riders). 

Indeed, the administration has confirmed that these bonuses can no longer be applied since they are not paid to you by a private individual but by Deliveroo. As for tips, don’t worry, you can always enjoy them!