1 day left before the official start of the London Calling. It is about time to tell you in a little more detail about the 3 riders who will take the challenge of cycling from Belgium, through France until the headquarters of Deliveroo in London.


The third rider brings a mix of cultures into the London Calling squad! 


Alexandra grew up in a small town on the east coast of the United States but her whole family is Polish so from a very young age she visits Europe whenever she’s able to. After her studies in philosophy, she decided to travel and volunteer in Europe.

Last year, she took a “break” from her trip to start working in a ceramic manufacturing studio in Belgium. In that period she also started riding with Deliveroo in Brussels and Hasselt. Since then, she has been travelling around a bit in Belgium and the Netherlands to visit her friends. Although for Alexandra, that isn’t enough. She’s eager to pack her bag and travel around the world again. So once the riders start their journey to London, keep an eye on Alexandra, with her passion for travelling she will be hard to follow!


Alexandra’s most pleasant Deliveroo memory was during a night when she kept on receiving orders without pause. It had to happen that on that night, she forgot to bring something to eat. At first not really something to remember right? Until a chef offered her out of the blue a free portion of fries with two sauces. A package of fries never tasted that good :). And for the rest of the evening she had enough fuels to ride! Her most generous tip was a 5 euro note, just like that, not that she had done anything special during that delivery. 


Her advice for other riders? Get to know your bike: if the chain is squeaking, oil it (not too much though ;). If the gears are failing, learn how to replace them. It’s an investment, but what a wonderful feeling it is to ride around on a machine that is quick and smooth thanks to the effort you put into it! It will make your life so much easier. (By the way, don’t forget that we organize Mecaroo for riders)
And last but not least: stay calm in traffic, in the rain, to customers…


Oh and if you arrive home after a hard day of work, do as Alexandra loves to do and enjoy a good hot soup, rich in vegetables, vitamins and full of delicious spices! Alexandra’s favorite dish.