Time to take some rest?

No problem! You won't lose your statistics

You should never be worried about taking time for yourself, whether it's to relax , to take care of your family or going on a trip.

From now on, your booking statistics will remain unchanged in case of absence provided that you no longer have any (automatically) booked sessions during that period. Read the terms of this feature below.

Yes. Any rider can take as much time for himself/herself as he/she wants.


No. You can come back whenever you want without telling us. All you have to do is connect to the Rider app and book available sessions.

There is no maximum. You can take as much time off as you want. Your booking statistics are based on the last 14 days you rode with Deliveroo. They remain fixed regardless how long you are away, as long as you no longer have booked sessions.

The summer months in Belgium are calmer on the Deliveroo platform. So it’s a good time to take a break. However, you can choose to take a break at any time.

Yes. Below you have another FAQ about your statistics.

Focus on your bookings and statistics in case of absence

Your statistics are based on the last 14 days you were driving with Deliveroo.

The usual rules applyPlease make sure you cancel your automatic bookings and already planned sessions at least 24hours in advance. 

In addition, if you cancel them, other drivers can take your sessions in your place. When you start riding again, you can reactivate the automatic reservations on the available sessions.

The usual rules applyIf you do not cancel them and you are not present at the sessions, your statistics will be adversely affected.

It depends, because the statistics of the other riders in your area may have changed during your absence. And as you know, their statistics have an influence on your booking time. In fact, the usual rules still apply for your booking time

When you choose to take a break, you will have, upon your return, the same statistics as when you stopped. But access to the priority booking is determined based on your statistics compared to other riders riding in the same area. So, if the riders in your area rode differently during your absence your statistics can take you to a different level of booking when you come back.

We advise you to cancel your automatic bookings when you take time for yourself. This will protect your statistics, ensuring that they remain fixed until you come back. If you completely disable this feature, you can reactivate the automatic bookings when you come back.

It depends. You are 100% free to choose what you want to do in this situation.

If you intend to be away for a short period of time, you may prefer to cancel the sessions one by one after the automatic booking has taken place. 

However, if you are away for a longer period, it may be a better idea to cancel automatic bookings. This means you won’t have to think about cancelling the sessions you’ve automatically requested  each week. This way, you won’t forget to cancel, and therefore see your statistics drop. 

Plus, if you cancel your automatic bookings, you give other riders the opportunity to book ride.

Your booking time will always be displayed in your app. You can see it in your agenda to app it Rider.