Only 3 days before the official start of London Calling. It is about time to tell you more in detail about the 3 riders who will take the challenge of cycling from Belgium, through France until they reach the Deliveroo HQ in London.


The first rider: nothing can stop him!

At the age of 23, Mathias already has some experience. For example, he took his bike to ride from Belgium all the way to Lausanne in Switzerland, about 800 km! This fanatic physiotherapy student loves the independency that these long days on his bike give him. The time of day when he prefers to ride? “At sunset, enjoying the last rays of the sun during the golden hours. Life can be simple, you know.”


What he particularly likes about Deliveroo is the casual community that’s created between the riders. “I received a free jacket, just by replying to an email!”. If there’s any advice that Mathias would like to share with his fellow riders, it would be that you just have to simply enjoy riding, without asking yourself too many questions about the duration of every single delivery. “This attitude will only frustrate you as well as the restaurant owners.”

His love for cycling is also the reason why Mathias registered on Deliveroo’s platform. Riding a bike and distributing food, or in other words, earning money while doing something you love and at the same time making other people happy. Life could be worse right? Besides that Deliveroo also allows him to discover Leuven and all its hidden places.

His biggest tip with Deliveroo? “3 euros, but my best tip was a refreshing 7up!”


And finally, because you probably figured out we’re all about food, we’ve asked Mathias about his favorite dish: “Well, spaghetti!”