Become a self-employed rider and receive 150€

Are you a P2P-rider but would like to become independent? Now is the time! 

Get a 150€ bonus after your first 10 orders when you sign up as an independent rider. In addition, you will also be able to earn much more than 6340€ per year as you would earn working with the P2P-status.

You can ride with Deliveroo as a self-employed, a complementary self-employed or student self-employed and enjoy the 150€ bonus.

Becoming independent without worries with Accountable

To help you create this status, don’t forget that we have a partnership with Accountable!
Accountable will assist you in all stages of the registration process as a self-employed rider and in addition, as a Deliveroo rider, you will be able to spend 2 months benefit from their service for free!
Register in a few clicks only.

Once you’re independent

When you complete your request to ride as a self-employed person, do not forget to give us your active VAT number.
The correct NACEBEL codes you need to ask Accountable to start with 53,200 or 82990.
Once we receive your information, we will send you a new service contract corresponding to your status.

Boost your statistics !

Don’t worry about your statistics. You’ll keep them and will even boost them when becoming self-employed.


If you already have a VAT number and would like to witch from P2P to Self-employed, fill in this form :

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