Accountable makes your life as a self-employed easier

Use the app to start as self-employed and manage your freelance admin

We know riders value flexibility. As a rider you can choose to work under the P2P law or as an independent rider. With the P2P status you can earn up to €6250 per year. As independent, there is no such limit. You can continue working with Deliveroo, and increase your earnings.

What we also know is that becoming independent brings some extra responsibilities. Therefore we partnered up with Accountable who makes your life as an independent much easier.

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As a rider with Deliveroo you can test the version of Accountable 2 months for free. Accountable is also available as a free version.

What is Accountable?

Accountable is the friend of independent contractors: with this app, independent contractors have a real-time view on their taxes and fiscal exemptions. They’re able to create their invoices in the blink of an eye and know when they’re paid. They scan all their receipts and will never lose them again.

Features of the app:

    • Connect your professional bank account: you’ll automatically see your income and expenses as well as your available liquidity 
    • Always on top of your taxes: manage your fiscal exemptions as a rider
    • Lever lose or miss a receipt: scan your receipts directly in the app and see the calculations of your deductibility happen as if by magic 
    • Manage your invoices: create and send invoices in the blink of an eye and get a notification when they’re paid
    • Help at your fingertips: the Accountable team is available through the chat feature of the app to help you and answer your questions.

Not convinced yet?

Check out the website we developed exclusively for riders. There you’ll find out all about how the app works.