What is a cluster?

A cluster is a collection of zones put together.

We have two clusters: one in Brussels and the other in Antwerp.

In Brussels, the cluster includes BCW, BUC, BES, BC, BIX, BWO, BJE, BSK.
In Antwerp, the cluster includes the ANC, AWI, ABC.

When you deliver an order in a different zone than the one to which you are registered, you may be offered orders from the zone where you have just delivered. You will not be forced to return to your log in zone.

Also, if your zone is very calm and there are commands available in a zone close to yours, you will be able to receive orders in this neighboring zone as well.

This innovation is very advantageous for riders:

  • You can optimize your travel time between two orders.
  • You have access to more orders, which means you can make more money.

This change is also positive for customers who have a broader choice of restaurants online.

The session booking is always done by zone. Therefore, you will always have to log in at the center of your login zone when starting your session.

See Zone Bonus FAQs in your cluster

Not at all. You can always choose not to accept an order if you do not wish to leave your initial zone or if you want to return directly to it.