Deliveroo riders who wish to do so can take first aid training.

A British study shows that only 5% of adults know first aid in an emergency.
Since Deliveroo riders are constantly on the road, they often witness the few minutes that can change everything for an accident victim. We want to allow them to learn first aid procedures while waiting for help to arrive. 

In collaboration with the Red Cross, we have been organising first aid courses in Ghent and Brussels since November 2018.
In groups of maximum 15 riders and mixing practical and theoretical explanations, a trainer teaches them to take 4 essential actions to help and save a victim while waiting for the ambulance: 

  1. First aid steps
  2. Abrupt airway obstruction: slamming in the back and abdominal compression
  3. Severe wounds and bleeding: manual compression
  4. Loss of consciousness: airway clearance and lateral safety position
  5. Respiratory arrest: cardiopulmonary resuscitation

During this 2-hour course, riders also learn to use a defibrillator, a tool present in many public spaces but still little known and used.