Claim your fees with your rider app

Usually, you get paid every two weeks on Tuesday according to the billing schedule.
Since a few weeks, you also have the option to claim your fees straight away.

In your Deliveroo Rider application, go to the Earnings page.
At the bottom of your screen, click on “Go to payment”. You will see the details of your invoice and banking information. Click on “Confirm payment” to get paid.

On your screen, your balance will automatically be reset to zero.

Attention: as you can see in the details of your invoice, each transaction costs you 0,50€.

To take advantage of this feature, you must update your Deliveroo rider application. You can also uninstall it and download the new version on the AppStore or Play Store.

The transaction is not instantaneous. If you request the transfer in the morning or early afternoon, you should get it within the day. If you make the request in the afternoon, evening or weekend, you will receive your fees in your account on the next business day. Bank delays are beyond our control.

No. Your (zone) bonuses will be paid on the next invoicing day (on Tuesday every two weeks).

Even if you ask via the application to be paid earlier and your order history disappears, we still count your bonuses in the same way: it is the number of orders placed during the billing period that counts for your bonus.

Using this self-payment feature will reset the amount you see in the ‘Earnings’ tab in the app. This doesn’t mean your bonuses are also reset. The general rule for counting your bonus will stay the same: it’s calculated based on the number or orders you placed during one payment period.


  • You will receive an invoice each time you use this self-payment feature. When you use this function five times in one week, you’ll receive five invoices.
  • You will receive an invoice every two weeks on Tuesday with still outstanding amounts and bonuses (if applicable).

No. If you do not use this feature and wait until all your deliveries are paid according to the billing schedule, you will not have to pay any transaction fees.