40% discount on bike locks from Hiplok

Hiplok create quality, innovative cycle security products, tested to the highest standard and designed for riding.

As a Deliveroo rider, you’re entitled to a 40% discount on the following items:

ProductOriginal PriceDeliveroo Rider Price
LITE: Superbright (LT1SB)£54.99£32.99
ORIGINAL: Superbright (V150SB)£69.99£41.99
GOLD: Superbright (GLD1SB)£84.99£50.99
DX: Orange (DX1OR)£69.99£41.99
DX: Black (DX1AB)£69.99£41.99
D: Black (D1AB)£49.99£29.99
D: Lime (D1LI)£49.99£29.99
DC: All Black (DC1AB)£59.99£35.99
DXC: Grey (DXC1GY)£79.99£47.99
Z LOK COMBO: Teal (ZCOM1TE)£19.99£11.99
Z LOK COMBO: Black (ZCOM1AB)£19.99£11.99
Z LOK COMBO: Yellow (ZCOM1YL)£19.99£11.99
HOMIE (HOM1AB)£109.99£65.99

How to use your discount?

Visit Hiplok’s online store and use the following code :