Restauroo deals for you

Discover all the restaurants that offer special deals to you as a Deliveroo rider

How does it work?

As a Deliveroo rider you can get a discount in multiple of our partner restaurants. There are two ways of getting a discount:

As a client

For example a 10% discount on the bill

During a session

For example, refill your bottle our get a free coffee when waiting for your meal

Attention: you can only enjoy a rider deal when showing your rider application and did at least one order in the last 60 days before. The restaurant has the right to check this on your rider app. The discounts in restaurants are applicable on the total amount of the bill.

Restaurant deals in Google Maps

Here you can find a handy map with an overview per city. That way you always have all the deal in your pocket!

Click here to save the map in you Google Maps


To find the map in Google Maps, follow the next steps:

    1. Open Google Maps on your smartphone
    2. Click on the menu
    3. Click on ‘My Places’
    4. Click on ‘Maps’ and select ‘Restaurants for riders’
    5. Zoom out or use the Legend to see an overview per city
    6. Click on the icon to see which deals the restaurants offer

Based on the logo you can see which type of restaurant it is. Each restaurant has a different logo:

  : burger restaurant

 : pizza place or Italian restaurant
 : means that you can refill your water bottle or can get a cup of coffee, soup or soft drinks.

Discover all the restaurants deals on this map.

Restauroo Deals per city

RestaurantDeal during sessionDeal as clientAddressCity
Al ParmaFree water and soft drinks
Free bite when available
Discount of 20% on the billLeopoldstraat 96Mechelen
Babo'sBuy 2 burgers get one free portion of friesNaamsestraat 29Leuven
BallekesFree waterDiscount of 15% on the billChaussée de Charleroi 174Brussels
Basic ItalianFree waterLondenstraat 45Antwerp
Belli e BuoniFree soft drinkDiscount of 10% on the billAvenue de Tervueren 36Brussels
Beni FalafelFree soft drinksBuy a falafel and get a free soft drinkLange Leemstraat 188Antwerp
BohioFree soft drinks
Free bite
Discount of 10% on the billNoordzandstraat 85Brugge
Broebbeleir IxellesFree soft drinksDiscount of 20% on the billParvis de saint-gilles 29Brussels
Broebbeleir JetteFree soft drinksDiscount of 20% on the bill Rue du page 6Brussels
Broebbeleir UccleFree soft drinksDiscount of 20% on the billEdith Cavellstraat 199Brussels
Chez FernandFree waterDiscount of 10% on the billav georges henri 187 1200 BXLBrussels
ChezWaWaFree waterBuy one burrito get one agua fresca freeRue Américaine 91Brussels
ChezWaWa RoyalFree waterBuy one burrito get one agua fresca freeRue de la Presse 27-29, Brussels, 1000Brussels
FruxinoDiscount of 10% on the billMuseumstraat 1Antwerp
Gourmetbar LeuvenNice place inside to waitVuurkruisenlaan 4Leuven
Gourmetbar MechelenNice place inside to wait
Free water
Van Beethovenstraat 1Mechelen
HanaDiscount of 5% on the billRue Saint Boniface 21Brussels
Huis Der BurgersDiscount of €4 on the master menuTiensestraat 26Leuven
Ichi BitesFree waterStalhof 19Ghent
La SemouleFree soft drinksRue Malibran 4Brussels
Le Petit CarréDiscount of 10% on the billRue des Célestines, 18Liège
Les Super Filles du TramFree hot tee in the winter, free iced tea in the summerDiscount of 10% on the billrue Lesbroussart 22Brussels
Lucy Chang GentFree coffeeJakobijnenstraat 1Ghent
Mamma Roma ChatelainFree drink/ coffeeRue du Page 5Brussels
Mamma Roma FlageyFree drink/ coffeeChaussée de Vleurgat 5Brussels
Mamma Roma JourdanFree drink/ coffee37 Place JourdanBrussels
Mamma Roma Parvis St GillesFree drink/ coffee31 Parvis de St. GillesBrussels
Marcel Burger Bar IxellesBuy a burger and receive one free portion of friesRue americaine 87Brussels
Marcel Burger Bar UccleBuy a burger and receive one free portion of fries1105 chaussée de WaterlooBrussels
Marcel Burger Bar WaterlooBuy one burger get one free234 chaussée de BruxellesWaterloo
Mex y FreshFree water25% discount in their dishRue Saint Paul 6CLiège
Nuova EraFree soft drinks
Free pizza slice when possible
Discount of 30% on the billGraaf van Hoornestraat 3Antwerp
Oh my PokéFree soupSint-jacobsnieuwstraat 103aGhent
Oriental AnnapurnaNice place inside to waitLange Herentalsestraat 56Antwerp
Otomat AntwerpenFree water and coffeeVan Schoonbekeplein 11Antwerp
Otomat GentFree water and coffee
Free pizza when available
Kleine Vismarkt 3Ghent
Paul's Beasty BurgersBuy 2 burgers and get one free portion of friesNationalestraat 100Antwerp
Paul's Boutique StationFree water
Free toilet
Use Customer card
30 points = free drink
45 points = free fries
55 points = free Paul's t-shirt
90 points = free bottle of wine
Koningin Astridlaan 209Ghent
PizzissimaDiscount of 10% on the billTiensestraat 107Leuven
Poki PokéNice place inside to waitChaussée d'Ixelles 331Brussels
Posto al SoleFree coffee and water122 chaussée de ForestBrussels
PotatoliciousFree coffeeFree coffeeVerlorenkost 5Ghent
Ramen BarFree water30 rue Souverain PontLiège
Ricotta & ParmesanFree soft drinksDiscount of 20% on the billRue de l'ecuyer 31Brussels
RivieraNice place inside to waitDiscount of 10% on the billRue Franklin 10Brussels
Simple AsiaFree water
Free kroepoek, sweets and small side
Avenue Heydenberg 21Brussels
Star of asiaFree soft drinks8 rue de TrèvesBrussels
Taco FactoryDiscount of 10% on the billLange Nieuwstraat 153Antwerp
Taste of AsiaBuy one dinner get one soft drink freeBrusselsestraat 42bLeuven
Tenshi DocksFree water and kroepoekDiscount of 10% on the billBoulevard Lambermont 1Brussels
Tenshi Fort JacoFree water and kroepoekDiscount of 10% on the billChaussée de Waterloo 1134Brussels
Tenshi StockelFree water and kroepoekDiscount of 10% on the billAvenur Orban 235Brussels
Thai Café Fort JacoFree water and kroepoekDiscount of 10% on the bill1358 chaussée de WaterlooBrussels
Thai Café Ma CampagneFree water and kroepoekDiscount of 10% on the bill412 chaussée de WaterlooBrussels
Thai Café StockelFree water and kroepoekDiscount of 10% on the billRue Félix de Keuster 12Brussels
Thai Café WaterlooFree water and kroepoek Chaussée de Bruxelles, 208Waterloo
Thai SatéFree soft drinksRue Defacqz 148Brussels
The Huggy's Bar KitchenNice place inside to wait30, Rue Pont d’avroyLiège
Tratoria TriumFree soft drinks
Free bite
Academiestraat 23Brugge
Yu ThaiFree water and cokeLange Leemstraat 380Antwerp
ZushiFree soft drinks
Free bite
Dweersstraat 3Brugge