Rider app, your working tool

The Rider app is the app you must download before riding.

The Rider app allows you to receive the orders

Every order you’ll receive goes through the Rider app but you’ll be able to connect to the app only when your registration will be fully proceeded.

How to connect to the app :

You can connect to the app via your phone number. Once you’re connected, you can choose the area* in which you’re willing to ride.  Once you’ve done that, you must be online in order to receive orders. Don’t forget that you can also use the app in order to book sessions in advance. We actually strongly recommend you to do that!

If you’ve got any issue while riding, we invite you to contact the Rider Support! You can contact them via your Rider Chat available in your menu’s app.

The area is bounded by Deliveroo. Most cities have only one area, the 2 exceptions are Brussels and Antwerp.