In app bonus

It’s now easier to see when you can maximise your fees

You can now use the app to see when and where you can earn extra fees – either live or in advance. This means you can make the best decision about the times and places you work.

⭐ Be sure to update your app to get this latest version of the self-serve booking tool! ⭐


Know when to maximise your fees in real time

You’ll be able to see if fees offered have been boosted during your current booking, as well as your next booking.


Plan in advance to take advantage of extra fees

Go to My planner to see upcoming sessions that have extra fees, and when you can can maximise your earnings.

When you book your sessions – either each Monday when sessions are released or at any time throughout the week – you will be able to see the times when there are extra fees offered. This helps you to plan ahead so you can maximise your earnings.

Don’t forget to check back after Monday too, as sessions might have extra fees offered during the week.